Projecto Quitungo

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Brasil 2013

Visited a small club in a favela with about 60,000 residents. The club has 350 kids who come from very poor homes. We watched U10s train and then two matches: U17s and U15s. We noticed several of the U15s walk onto the field in their socks where they met up with some of the U17s who had just finished their game. —They had to exchange cleats because the kids don’t have their own.— Wow, makes you think.

We gave out some Rockledge Soccer Club jerseys and the kids loved them. The coach collected the jerseys – he will use them as uniforms and training colors.

Also enjoyed the pickup futsal. No adults, some with shoes, some barefoot. But very spirited and skillful.






  1. Barbara Smith says:

    Thanks Kevin. At least these kids have spirit.

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