Christmas in Sweden

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Sweden Christmas 2014

So first, I have to apologize to anyone who is following my blog because of prior soccer trips and now finds that I’m blogging about my current trip in Sweden. I don’t think there will be any soccer. I know, I’m sorry. And if I knew how to tell you how to unsubscribe, I would. But I don’t. And maybe, you’ll be interested in the hockey game I’m going to in a few days. And maybe not…


We decided to go to Sweden to visit Ashley’s boyfriend Andreas and his mother Annika. Flew out of Orlando the day after Christmas, through Frankfurt and into Göteborg. As usual, our luggage stayed in Frankfurt. We made it to Fjärå where Annika is absolutely spoiling us. We’ve eaten ham, pickled herring, cheeses, eggs, etc… Big dinner last night after arriving and a big breakfast today.

Below are some pictures from last night and today (Sunday or Söntag) our first day in Sweden. We’ve walked around a bit, visited a national park with a Viking graveyard and toured Tjöloholm Castle










  1. Barbara Smith says:

    Great pictures. Keep them coming.

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