My formal education is electrical engineering and have worked the majority of my career on the Space Shuttle.  I came in after Challenger was lost and was part of an employment surge to re-establish the Space Shuttle program.  100+ launches later…

And with the retirement of the Space Shuttle, a new fantastic opportunity presented itself.  Check it out here:  Resource Prospector.

And coaching soccer came in somewhere in the middle of all that Shuttle stuff – totally exciting because of the non-technical challenges.   Found a small club to be a part of — Rockledge Soccer Club — a great home town club.  Unfortunately, we lost the hometown Rockledge Soccer Club in a well-intended but poorly thought out merger in 2013.

And it’s 2016 and after resisting for so many years, I put down the tribal competitiveness and joined what I feel is the best soccer club in my area, Space Coast United.  A bit more structure and quite a bit more cohesiveness between the teams.  It is also lead well by a progressive board of directors and an effective technical director.

The common thread?  It’s all about the people…

  1. Bruce Palmbaum says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Good meeting you and Bill at Estudiantes this week. My son, Ryan, has been meeting some of your boys on the campus at night for a little soccer tennis. Good luck with the rest of your trip.

  2. Bruno Flores says:

    Hello Kevin,

    Great blog, loved watching the pictures and I am sure of the excitement that you experienced particularly in Argentina.
    A true country of Soccer, very passionate and live for it.
    I happened to be there as a player and then as a Coach as well, and enjoyed it a lot.
    Good luck with your soccer adventures and hope to meet you someday.

    Bruno Flores
    Director of Coaching and Player Development
    Miami Shores Soccer Club

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