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We stopped by Walt Stadion, home of Eintracht Frankfurt and the stadium where Brasil played Equitorial Guinea last night. We hit the gift shop, met with Ricardo Clark (a USA national player from Atlanta who plays for EF) and watched a training session.




Meaghan with Ricardo Clark.20110708-121213.jpg

This is our goalkeeper with the Eintracht Frankfurt starting keeper. Udo has trained this keeper since he was very young.20110708-121228.jpg


Well, let’s go with disappointing. At least with respect to the USA vs Sweden game. We should have done better.

Besides that (do you think the USA national team knows they are messing up our plans?), the first day was incredible. Flight was great, hostel is great and dinner was very good at the hostel. The charter bus and driver are fantastic.

After that a tour of Frankfurt on foot was very good and then watching the USA/Sweden in the Frankfurt Football Garden was incredible. Right on the water with the game on the big screen, the Frankfurt skyline behind the screen and everything just ‘different’.