Training at Eintracht Frankfurt

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Football Team in Germany, Germany 2011, Tourists in Germany

After leaving the stadium and rushing lunch back at the hostel, we have traveled to Eintracht Frankfurt’s youth facility where a week long camp is underway. I’ll post more pictures when I can, but wanted to get at a few up.

We got Layne (Lauren’s little sister) working out with a group her age and she rocked. I saw 1 goal for sure – she did very well.

The team worked out with Coach Norbert, a former player with Bayern-Munich. And let me add that we are being treated very well.

Oh, and the weather today is amazing. Sunny, cool and breezy.



20110708-122050.jpgWe trained a second session later with coach Gary. Wish I had more details on Gary, buy I don’t. He played professionally somewhere… Gary is the director of the Eintracht Frankfurt Youth Program.





  1. Tim says:

    Kevin – we are loving your blog. Technology is amazing. Thank you for your investment in our girls and this lifetime experience.

  2. Lauren says:

    This is great! I check the blog morning, noon and night! Enjoying the commentary and pictures. Tell “my” girl hello from Mom and we miss her. Thanks again to all of you for this opportunity of a lifetime for them.

    Lauren Wilkin

  3. Rusty says:

    I agree. This is amazing. I want to thank you as well, Kevin. We get a peek at everything. Next best thing to being there.

  4. Julie & Kevin says:

    Thanks Kevin, this is fantastic for those of us left at home. Kailey, we miss you! P.S. Your brother is having a ball driving your car. Julie & Kevin Markey

  5. Paula says:

    Kevin, words can not begin to express our gratitude for all the thing you have done for Vanessa. We are so grateful, you have given her this opportunity, that comes once in a life time. Thank you.

    Ray & Paula

    p.s. tell Nessa her brothers miss her…

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