TSG 51 – Learning What Club Means

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Football Team in Germany, Germany 2011, Tourists in Germany

We played a match this evening with TSG 51, a small club just outside Frankfurt. We played well and came out of it with a strong win. Our girls played a nice possession game and moved the ball well. We finished very well too. This might have been the most fun activity for us so far. For the record, we got goals from: Mercedes, Amanda, Summer, Tara, Sarah and Lauren. Entire team made these goals possible.

Tonight, we learned what “club” really means. TSG 51 has their own fields, locker rooms and their own club house. Being a member of this club is not an annual decision. Members stay members for a long time. Supporting the club for generations keeps costs far, far lower than what we’re used to. How about $25 registration fees and $15/month training fees? And how about a club where you go and have dinner and socialize with your friends? Pictures below…




A competitive night of foosball. Michael our bus driver is a talented player.


Girls cleaned up in lockers before dinner. Picture here with their goalkeeper.







  1. Tim says:

    All Brevard FC breaks ground when you get back.

  2. Lauren says:

    Kevin, Billl, and Udo – Again, our world of thanks to all of you (and everyone else helping out)! Kevin, please try to sleep on the bus if nowhere else; we appreciate the midnight blogs. Amanda just called and didn’t realize how much we truly missed her until I heard her voice. She is LOVING it!!!

  3. Rusty says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrem ersten internationalen Sieg!
    (Congratulations on your first international victory!) Ask Udo if that’s right
    Go Steelers!
    Go Atlantis!

  4. Tonya George says:

    Go Steelers!!! I am loving the posts and look forward to the next one. Everyone seems to be having such a great time!

  5. Paula and Ray says:

    Kevin thank you sooo much for this amazing opportunity you gave Vanessa to go with you guys on this incredible trip she looks very happy, we can not find the words to thank you for all you have done for her.
    Ray and Paula
    Please tell her that we all miss her very much are happy for her!!

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