3 Days till Argentina

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Argentina 2011

Argentina…  Who can even think about Argentina without thinking about football?  After a phenomenal trip to Germany with my U18 girls, this trip presented itself and I jumped in.  But this will be quite different for me.  Planning the trip to Germany was an awesome challenge.  The meetings with Bill and Udo as we laid out the plans were fun.  Creating an itinerary,  making the arrangements and raising funds were all good.  But paying for the former East German charter bus (a big number by the way) in advance with a wire transfer and hoping the bus would meet us at the airport in Frankfurt (it did),  well lets say there was some stress there.  But Argentina?  Well, this will be quite different.

I’m going to Argentina as a trip participant and not as the head coach or trip leader.  I jumped at this opportunity for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I want to continue refining my skills as a soccer coach and I think traveling to Argentina on a football trip will help me move in that direction.  Learning about the German soccer culture was fantastic.  I think I’ll learn just as much in Argentina.  I can’t wait to see their training sessions.  What else?  Culture… Food… People…  And hanging out with some soccer junkies for a week in Argentina with a Florida ODP team?  Totally cool.

So, for the parents, family and friends of the boys traveling to Argentina:  Please feel free to comment on my posts, send messages or whatever.  I’ll pass along your messages to the boys.  I hope to capture some pictures along the way and keep you updated with what’s going on.  I still go back to my Germany blog because it’s a great trip diary.  I will try my best to make sure this turns out the same for your boys’ Argentina trip.

To my family: thank you for supporting me going away during the Thanksgiving break.  All of you were awesome about it.  To my wife Cheryl, thanks sweetheart – you supported me going on this adventure right away and I really appreciate that.




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