Independiente & Game Day

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Argentina 2011

Today, the coaches toured the Independiente training camp about 40 minutes away. We observed training of their second team and their first team. We met with their coaches and asked questions about their approach. A lot of intense 5v5 play. In fact, both squads played a modified 5v5 game for about 90 minutes. 20111123-192831.jpg20111123-192844.jpg20111123-192912.jpg

Can anyone guess who is with me in this picture? Hint: plays for Argentina national team and is Messi’s best friend. This picture rocks.20111123-192930.jpg

We returned to the country to see the boys play their first game. It was a very good game. The boys played well and worked their butts off. Half was 0-0, final was 3-1 Estudiantes. Clayton scored for Florida assisted by Jose.






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