Black Friday

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Argentina 2011

Great morning for the boys. Drove to CA Independiente in Buenos Aires for their match. Florida fell 0-3 (0-1 half) against Independiete’s ’92 team. Our opponent also included several players from their first teams’s reserves for evaluation purposes. Twenty four year old Ariel was a beast.

Shopping later today and then we watch a match.




  1. Gabe Luchetta says:

    It was magical watching our Florida boys play today. Even though we lost , the experience will be very beneficial for our boys. Thanks Kevin for all the pictures and updates. Last and not least our family is very proud of our son Alex Luchetta. Watching him playing vs kids that may one day play in Europe , for example, is an experience he will never forget. Thanks ODP for the opportunity!!!

    Gabe Luchetta

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