Our Valley Tents (aka The Sand Box)

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Hawaii

Our mission here on Mauna Kea is to prove that the RESOLVE concept/design of a lunar robotic mining mission will work. That’s why Mauna Kea was chosen as our test site. The geography here is so unusual. It’s all about lava and lava dust; materials that create an environement that resembles the moon.

In the valley, we have some tents set up where the rover spends her nights. We happen to spend a lot of time in the tents. It’s loud because of the generators. It’s incredibly sandy and dusty with lava dust. It is windy. And it is cold. I worked 16 hours today and I am tired. Here are some pictures of our valley tents.





Can you see the lava dust on everything?


Somehow, an Athletic Club (of Bilbao) scarf found its way into the tent. This was a gift from our exchange student Beatriz.20120715-230246.jpg

Resting and enjoying the view.


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