South Island Beaches

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Hawaii

For Friday, we set out to explore two beaches: the green sand beach in south point and the black sand beach at Punalu’u. I knew the drive to the green sand beach would be tough. It started with a 40 mile drive on HI-11 to the access road. The access road is 12 miles long and is paved. But it is only one lane. Drivers that meet must each pull off into the rocks or grass to allow enough room to pass each other. The access road passes through beautiful horse and cow farms before reaching the pacific ocean. From this point, it is another 2-1/2 mile off-road drive across lava fields, lava ridges and sand dunes. The stress is that if something were to happen to our Jeep, it would cost a fortune to get towed out. The terrain was rough, steep and dusty. We took it slow driving all 2-1/2 miles in 4wd low in first gear. One we got to the top of the green sand beaches, it was still a hike down the cliff to the beach.

We left the green sand beach and traveled to the Punalu’u black sand beach. This was one of our favorites. Very relaxing and comfortable. I slept on the beach. Plus, the beach had about 8 sea turtles lounging on the beach or resting in the tidal pools.

Right behind the black sand beach was a fresh/brackish water pond.

While laying on the beach, I made my own Japanese meditation garden using a couple of lava pebbles.

Two hands signifying our unity for over 25 years now. Tolerance, love, listening and the ability to ignore my wife as she screams “There is no way in hell we’re going down that road!” as we left the pavement and started down the eroded lava cliff for the green sand beach.



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