Where’s My Luggage

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Spain 2013

First day is a travel day – never much fun, but today was OK. Our Orlando flight was really late into Miami but we made it onto the Iberian flight to Madrid. As it turned out, our luggage did not. We took it well and are dealing with it. Beautiful drive from Madrid to Logrono.





Day ended with a nice meal and some Vinos Tintos La Riojas – we are right in the middle of perhaps Spain’s greatest wine regions.


  1. Barbara Smith says:

    It looks great and we hope you get your luggage soon. However, maybe a new Spanish wardrobe would be on the agenda. Glad you arrived safe and sound.

  2. Nazan says:

    Wait! Are you driving 140km/hr? That is pretty fast. What was the speed limit?

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