Pintxos in Donostia (San Sebastian)

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Spain 2013

On Thursday, we drove with Beatriz to Donostia (San Sebastian). Beatriz met us in Bilbao arriving on the metro from Sopelano.

Donostia is on the Atlantic Ocean or probably more correctly Bay of Biscay. It’s a beach town and even though it was cold and windy, there were swimmers. We went to a true Pintxos or Tapas bar which is hard to describe. It is like a US bar, but the bar is covered with plates of food. The food (Tapas or Pintxos) is made to serve one person with 1-3 bites. You go to the bar and fill a plate with Pintxos and order your drinks. This was more difficult than you might think – but thank goodness Beatriz was with us. We had shrimp, artichoke, ham, tuna and egg. It was delicious! Cheryl had Sangria and I had Sidra or hard apple cider. Sidra is a local specialty which includes a dramatic pouring from an elevated bottle or leg tap.










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