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USA! USA! USA! What a crazy day! I’m struggling to remember every thing we did

Started the day with a few of us attending Mass at St. Mary’s Dom (cathedral). Enjoyed this a lot- about 1/4 in Latin and 3/4 in German. Very traditional service in a massive gothic cathedral.

We headed off to the Augsburg Stadium and watched Australia vs Sweden. Nearly all of the team dressed in Australia colors to protest the Sweden win over the USA. Amazing seats, great conversations trying to speak German on the stands and at the concessions. Amazing afternoon. Sweden deserved to win – very few mistakes.

We got back to the Augsburg hostel, had an early dinner (it was very good), and went off to this bar that has good people and a nice big screen. Americans took over the place and it was wild. Chanting and screaming. And some how, the USA pulled it out! Amazing!

Took a walk through downtown Augsburg – kind of a small cosmopolitan area with a lot of diversity. Lots of people stopped us to congratulate us.

Did I mention we have tickets to the USA vs France game Wednesday?

And a quick summary schedule for our remaining trip subject to change and adjustment:

Mon: Tour Bavaria – Fussen and Munich
Tue: Romantic Road back to Frankfurt
Wed: World Cup Day
Thur: Harry Potter and play match against Villa Astoria.

Today, we sampled life. We had tears of joy, old familiar traditions in an entirely new setting and experiences that are life changing and will forever alter our view of the world for the better.

Finally, pics…














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Well, sitting here with 7 of the players and trying to get them to help write it. They suggested something about a fake jail story… rejected.

Today was ‘Zer Gute’ and very busy. We checked out of the Frankfurt Hostel and drove to Bacharach. We boarded a KD-Line boat and cruised to St. Goar. The Rhine river was awesome. Cheryl and I shared some incredible Reisling. After a lunch in St. Goar (schnitzel again which I like a lot), we toured Rheinfels castle. It was extremely cool. I mean really, really cool.

We had a long drive – 4 hours – and arrived in southern Germany. Augsburg is an old Roman town located in Bavaria. We watched Japan win their match with Germany in a little club in downtown Ausburg. Very interesting observing the young German crowd.

Oh, why the title wifi? The players spend a fair amount of time trying to find wifi. This hostel has free wifi. Check Facebook for a lot of posts..











We played a match this evening with TSG 51, a small club just outside Frankfurt. We played well and came out of it with a strong win. Our girls played a nice possession game and moved the ball well. We finished very well too. This might have been the most fun activity for us so far. For the record, we got goals from: Mercedes, Amanda, Summer, Tara, Sarah and Lauren. Entire team made these goals possible.

Tonight, we learned what “club” really means. TSG 51 has their own fields, locker rooms and their own club house. Being a member of this club is not an annual decision. Members stay members for a long time. Supporting the club for generations keeps costs far, far lower than what we’re used to. How about $25 registration fees and $15/month training fees? And how about a club where you go and have dinner and socialize with your friends? Pictures below…




A competitive night of foosball. Michael our bus driver is a talented player.


Girls cleaned up in lockers before dinner. Picture here with their goalkeeper.







Session this morning with the third former professional coach. Coach Cesar (spelling is definitely wrong) is from Poland and ran the session in German, Polish and French. Girls did fine.

And we found out we made the paper! On the front of the sports section, an article on Eintracht Frankfurt’s session yesterday started by talking about us. One of our players was quoted as saying “Oh my God, what are they doing?”

The last picture is our hostel.


It’s 12:24am Friday morning and I’m tired. Curfew was at 11pm for the players. Later this morning, my amazing wife Cheryl will go to the players’ rooms and wake them at 7:30. Breakfast is at 8 and we board the bus at 9.

We will train a short session in the morning and return to our hostel. We have a match against TSG 51 with a 5pm kickoff. We will have dinner afterwards at the TSG 51 clubhouse

This evening, we walked about 15 minutes through Frankfurt to Adolf Wagner’s restaurant. Nearly everyone has the schnitzel which was amazing. Phenomenal dinner tonight!

Walked back and found ourselves a nice ice cream vendor.

Girls are good. Very glad we have Udo with us – he is a great tour guide! And our bus driver is extremely talented – the man can drive a huge bus though tiny streets with amazing ease.






20110708-123538.jpgWalking home, there is this cool looking old place that is a wine cellar rathskellar. It was said that the building is from the 1200s..