Gotta Risk It to Get the Biscuit

Posted: July 10, 2011 in 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, Football Team in Germany, Germany 2011, Tourists in Germany

USA! USA! USA! What a crazy day! I’m struggling to remember every thing we did

Started the day with a few of us attending Mass at St. Mary’s Dom (cathedral). Enjoyed this a lot- about 1/4 in Latin and 3/4 in German. Very traditional service in a massive gothic cathedral.

We headed off to the Augsburg Stadium and watched Australia vs Sweden. Nearly all of the team dressed in Australia colors to protest the Sweden win over the USA. Amazing seats, great conversations trying to speak German on the stands and at the concessions. Amazing afternoon. Sweden deserved to win – very few mistakes.

We got back to the Augsburg hostel, had an early dinner (it was very good), and went off to this bar that has good people and a nice big screen. Americans took over the place and it was wild. Chanting and screaming. And some how, the USA pulled it out! Amazing!

Took a walk through downtown Augsburg – kind of a small cosmopolitan area with a lot of diversity. Lots of people stopped us to congratulate us.

Did I mention we have tickets to the USA vs France game Wednesday?

And a quick summary schedule for our remaining trip subject to change and adjustment:

Mon: Tour Bavaria – Fussen and Munich
Tue: Romantic Road back to Frankfurt
Wed: World Cup Day
Thur: Harry Potter and play match against Villa Astoria.

Today, we sampled life. We had tears of joy, old familiar traditions in an entirely new setting and experiences that are life changing and will forever alter our view of the world for the better.

Finally, pics…












  1. Rusty says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Great stuff. Hey, those were the kids we saw on TV during the national anthems. How did you get photos with them? Cool…
    Kevin, I think you’re gonna get in trouble at work. Trading jerseys is one thing, but bringing a spacesuit? Oh well, it seems we aren’t going to need them any longer anyway. Ugh 😦
    BTW, we can see you all on TV. One long streak of lime green. Great idea to use that color. No mistaking. I haven’t finished watching the DVR recording yet. Hoping for a close up.
    Once again, a million thanks for posting!!!
    See you on TV Wednesday
    Go USA!!!

  2. Tonya George says:

    I love the NASA pic 🙂 Those girls are really getting the most amazing trip of a life time!!! They look like they are having so much fun. And I can’t wait to see you all red/white/blue at the USA game on Wednesday!!
    Thanks so much for this blog and keeping us all at home in the loop of the amazing journey!

  3. Lauren says:

    Love the continued pictures and updates. Dan and I are leaving tomorrow a.m. for our cruise but will check blogs a couple times from the ship and then see you upon arrival at Ft. Lauderdale Airport on Friday evening. We are hoping that they will show the soccer game on the ship; but also have a tour scheduled that day in Mexico (hopefully with time change, will get to see game and all our girls). We really miss Amanda but are grateful you afforded her the opportunity for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that her parents could never match. The space shot is great Kevin; seems we can never get away from it no matter how far or where we travel. Have a FANtastic time at the game Wednesday! and for the rest of the trip. GO USA . . . and Steelers!!!!

  4. Tim says:

    My heart is full with gratitude – for our country, our families, and the experiences we’re all blessed with. Today I watched Team USA battle, never yielding, then after the match several of the team members were asked to comment and each had no words that could adequately explain their feelings. Their hearts were full. What a display of character, perseverance, and courage.

  5. Marc Butler says:

    USA! USA! I can’t believe it still in Shock! Great Blog…Glad you’re having a great time! Drink a Stein for me…

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