Dinkelsbühl, Lunch, Rothenburg obt, Getting Lost and Finally Frankfurt

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Germany 2011, Tourists in Germany

Short blog entry tonight for an incredible day. Departed Augsburg and toured Dinkelsbürg, a medieval city. Drove a bit away to a small community and had lunch at a small town restaurant owned by a family Udo knows. It was awesome. Went to Rothenburg odt and one of us got lost and delayed our departure – OK, it was me. Frankfurt hostel held dinner for us and we have checked back into the Frankfurt hostel safely. Took the team to Karaoke tonight. A very busy and long day. Oh, we spent a fair amount of time in a medieval torture museum – cool.












  1. Tonya George says:

    goodness is that guy like 8 feet tall!!
    i want to hear more about you getting lost!! wish it was longer blog but it’s like 2am for you all, I think

    tomorrow … go USA!!!

  2. Rusty says:

    Hey, it’s the famous painting “German Gothic” 😉
    Is that fried chicken I see on the table?

  3. Tim says:

    Allen and Meaghan look right at home, then there’s Udo with the goat. Did you guys have to work for your lunch?

    • shuttleboy65 says:

      What a great lunch that was. Fresh fried chicken, salad and Pom Fritz(?) – French Fries plus a drink for 10E out the door. And an incredible small village atmosphere.

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