Bilbao – Meeting Beatriz’ Family

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Spain 2013

When we decided to take in an exchange student last summer, we had no idea how much we’d learn about Spain and the Basque Country. And we never imagined we’d end up in Basque Country the next year! We met up with Beatriz and her mother Isabel in front of a statue of John Adams. Adams had come to study the Basque region as part of his education. I will have to read Adams’ “A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America” as noted by the council of Bizkaia.


Beatriz’ family absolutely spoiled us. We shopped, drank wine (Txakolatte, spelling is definitely wrong – a white wine kind of similar to Reisling), ate Pintxos, travelled to the beach by metro and car, drank wine at the beach and ended with a hearty traditional meal of salad, chicken, beef and fish (and cerveza). We also met Beatriz’s uncle Aitor and his girlfriend Virginia who helped drive us around in their really cool Fiat. Beatriz’ father Joseba met us for dinner and cooked the beef at the table – it reminded me of an Argentina BBQ. Many thanks (Eskerrik Asko) to Aitor, Isabel and Joseba for driving us all over the place and walking us back to our hotel! And eskerrik asko for the fantastic meal!!

Too many pictures to post… But here are a few.










  1. Barbara Smith says:

    Kevin–What a fantastic time you all are having. You need to use this picture in your blog for your Facebook page.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Tell Beatriz hello for us! It looks like your having a great time!

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